The XXK Collective: Feminism, thinking and action is a project that combines income-generation with the political convictions and personal commitments of its members. Feminisms form the central axis of the project; it seeks to get involved with other persons and collectives in order to contribute to the construction of a world in which everyday lives can be good lives for all, in shared responsibility on a living planet.

XXK is made up of Amaia Pérez Orozco, Silvia Piris Lekuona and Valentina Longo. We came together in the desire to work together in a sustainable and politically committed way, while enjoying the processes.

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We know that the important thing is not only what we do but also how we do it. This is why we feel it’s relevant to explain how we work. We make use of transdisciplinary methodologies and put these at the service of the processes we accompany. We build relationships of alliance, cross-pollination and shared learning, fully adapted to the situation of those who request our participation. We take care to nurture the whole process and to establish bonds between the global North and South.



Individually, we each have broad experience in all the fields in which we now hope to continue working together. Bit by bit we are constructing shared experience as well. We have worked with a myriad of entities of different kinds (public institutions, unions, social movements and organizations, universities, consulting groups, etc.) both domestically and internationally. This experience is reflected in our publications. Here you’ll find a brief selection.