Our research experience is wide-ranging, in terms of the kinds of entities with which we have worked (universities, civil society, public institutions and international organizations), the issues we have addressed (public policies, social movements, care, food sovereignty, masculinities, migration and intersectionality) and the geographic range of these (European projects, local, national and international research). For more information.


Our extensive experience in training and education includes academic and non-academic settings, in both physical and online teaching situations. We have taught in the context of universities, public institutions, trade unions, and social and international organizations. The issues we have addressed in greatest depth are feminism and equality (including public policies), feminist economics, cooperation and (post)development, and care work. For more information.


We have worked with national and international public institutions, as well as in the academy and in social organizations to define political and conceptual frameworks in a range of fields. Notable among these are the field of economics (feminist economy, globalization, development and post-development), public policies (making gender perspectives transversal and promoting specific equality policies), questions of care (social organization and economy of care), and methodological questions (development of tools for feminist research and women’s participation). For more information.


We have accompanied a diverse range of organizations in processes of reflection and in generating tools for political advocacy in the following fields: globalization and development models, social organization of care, equality and international solidarity. For more information.


We have provided mentoring to administrations and social organizations as they work to include feminist perspectives in their activities and as they undertake organizational changes to promote greater gender equality. We have accompanied processes of diagnosis, planning and evaluation, making use of a range of participatory methodologies adapted to the specific situations and needs of each process. For more information.

While don’t hope to provide a complete list here of entities with which we have collaborated (and we beg pardon of those that don’t appear here), these are a few of the organizations with which we have sustained especially rich, constant and intense relationships:



International organizations:


Local, regional and national public institutions:


Trade unions:


Organizations and social movements:


Consulting companies: