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Local Policies for Sustainable Lives, with Mugarik Gabe

Impact, Research, Training

September 2019-present

Since September 2019, we have been working with Mugarik Gabe to put into practice the collective demands made by the network degrowth and good living [buen vivir] in a proposal for local policies. These proposals were included in the document Construyendo en Colectivo desde Euskal Herria.

We can now share with you the final guide: From Local Public Policies towards Sustainable Lives. It gathers seven measures, which could allow us to deal with ecological and socioeconomic crises on a local basis. They would help to move along seven “axes of transition”: ecological sustainability, relocalisation, common co-responsibility, reorganisation of work and democratisation.

In this process we are carrying out trainings and  seminars with political-technical personnel in different municipalities of Euskal Herria.