What if the hamster stopped turning the capitalist wheel?

Amalurrizar, decommercialise, decorporatise and territorialise the organisation of life

Let us not be afraid of a different future. Understanding what is happening to us can be an antidote to that paralysing feeling. And, fundamentally, what is happening to us is capitalism, in its consubstantial interweaving with colonialism and heteropatriarchy.

This text calls for a transition away from the capitalist wheel, and consequently puts forward a series of reference axes to guide these transition strategies. We seek a horizontal dialogue that builds collective intelligence, the only way to face the complexity of the moment, and even more so the complexity of the answers. We want to contribute to this dialogue from our European perspective and with a certain economic filter: it is from there that we see our realities. We do so in the knowledge that no one speaks from purity, so we are bound to make mistakes. We have to look for answers that are good enough, but never perfect.

Text available here

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