XXK mixed up in the Constellation of the Commons

The Constellation of the Commons is “an audiovisual archive of self-managed communities of practice around the axis of the Commons […] is the result of a five-year research process on the culture of the commons, its cultural matrix and its practical expression. Configured as a constellar file, this space houses a set of conversations documented in audiovisual and textual format. From the standpoint of content, the organization of this commons of knowledge is born from the mapped practices themselves. This archive testifies to a political, cultural, ecosocial, and existential position against complicity with the dominant model.”

The Constellation is organized arounf thematic nodes. XXK is included in the “heterodox economies” and “labor” nodes.

“The Constellation Commons is, above all else, a space for good news. It’s also an informative tool, of research, educational and designed to serve as a bridge between spheres, realities, and sectors that have been purposefully differentiated and that are not often in dialogue. It’s a space for the convergence of people, practices, and knowledges, so the content will be of interest to anyone who is curious to get to know the cultivation of grassroots communities in practice in the commons.”

We are really happy to be part of it and warmly encourage you to explore and feed it!!

XXK interviewed for the Constellation of the Commons

You can read the interviewed conducted by Palmar Álvarez-Blanco in October 2021.

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