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Feminist drifts to change the system

Impact, Research

Lives free of violence

Dethroning employment in order to live livable lives

Collective right to care

Feminist food sovereignty

Autumn 2018 – present

Together with OMAL-Paz con Dignidad and many feminist colleagues from Bizkaia, we have conspired to build alternatives to the Scandalous Thing and to corporate power. With Cony Carranza we have tried to make of this a process of popular education

Our shared horizon is feminist sovereignty. We are committed to four spheres: the collective right to care, lives free of violence, dethroning employment in order to live livable lives, and feminist food sovereignty. It is an ongoing process of research and collective action. We have gone out to walk the streets and fields in search of answers… and new questions. We have named these shared walks drifts.

This process began in the fall of 2018 and has already resulted in:

  • A methodological guide that you can use if you want to organize yourself a drift.
  • The videos that gather the experience and that have been elaborated by the colleagues of Al Borde Films: the complete video covers the four spheres; the four shorter videos focus each one on a specific sphere.
  • An educational guide that accompanies the video to help extract as much knowledge as possible.

Here you can learn a little more about these drifts. http://omal.info/spip.php?article8869 These walks have allowed us to create interesting links, like this one with Wikitoki http://wikitoki.org/blog/2019/06/25/wikitoki-sigue-abriendo-su-codigo-organizativo/ Here you can find materials that will collect the inspirations, doubts and commitments that we have been sharing.

The graphic report produced by Maite Mentxaka (EMEME) summarizes the workshop on feminist sovereignty co-organized with Bilgune Feminista.

The process is not closed. A report share on the feminist alternatives that we devise and share will be available shortly.

Pictures of the graphic minutes by Maite Mentxaka (EMEME Proiektuak), workshop on feminist soverignity