Systematizing ten years of the Women’s House of Donostia


September 2019-present

In 2020, the Women’s House of Donostia reaches its tenth anniversary. It is a good time to make a balance of all the road travelled, to celebrate the collective achievements and to reflect on how to continue.

From XXK we are accompanying this process. We are systematizing this experience, which is a unique process of co-management between the institutions and the feminist movement. The members of the House want to have a shared story of what happened. To know who we are we need to be able to tell our story. Members of the House, workers of the City Council, users and providers of resources and courses, groups that inhabit the place… Diverse voices to weave a shared look, which contains the joy for what has been achieved and the desire to change what needs to be changed.

Maite Mentxaka (EMEME) is accompanying us to collect graphically part of the process. Here you can see the graphic record of one of the workshops on collective memory.