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Towrds a public-common care system

Frameworks, Impact, Mentoring

Feminisms are actively pushing for a public-communitarian care system as the keyway to make real a collective care right. At the same time, there is clarity that it is needed to go polish the argument and the demand: How does the care system we ask for look like? How could it deal with the diversity of care needs and relations along the life-death cycle? How can we ask for concrete public policies while at the same time keeping the potential for a radical contestation of the system that the stake on care brings with it?

XXK Collective is mentoring this process, together with feminist compañeras in diverse spaces. The following are the three main processes in which XXK has been involved during 2021 and 2022:

  • With the trade union ELA: An internal process of discussion on how the collective care right would look like during aging and what would be the care policy in Hego Euskal Herria for which ELA should fight. As part of this collaboration, we took part in the main even of the 8th March 2022, in which ELA demanded a care system without precarity “a care system without precarity”.
  • With the Basque Feminist Coordination Committee Bizitzak Erdigunean: we have joined our compañeras in the organization of a conference to discuss a Basque public-common care system. It was hold in Gasteiz in February 2022 and the political conclusions can be found in the document Hacia un sistema público-comunitario feminista de cuidados (in Spanish).
  • Women’s Institute: We have supported it in writing a background document for the discussion in the Care Advisory Board (it was launched in 2021 September 20th, see here). This document received the last contributions during the session held May 24th 2022, see here.

Care is a radically different standpoint (8 March 2022)

Beyond those three processes, XXK contributes to a multiplicity of spaces where this feminist demand for a public-common care system is being discussed, such as the following ones: