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Exploring Territories of Feminist Economics. With SOF

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We came together with SOF (Sempreviva Organização Feminista) in this processo f collective thinking (and action!). Together and rebellious rooted in our territories, we want to connect internationally and construct active knowledges for resistance in defense of life in the present.

For all of us, feminist economics is a tool of struggle for transformation, combining thought and action, and linked to political subjects. By sharing and bringing together views, we attempt to understand the re-articulation of heteropatriarcal and racist capitalism in terms of threads of continuity and discontinuity between the Global North and South, between zones of accumulation and zones of dispossession. We wonder how the forms of sustaining life are being re-articulated, deepening the invisibilized, feminized, and racialized dimensions of the system. And discuss reinvention of the forms of resistance that attempt to put life in the center in opposition to global patriarchal capitalism.

This questions are part of a living and always unfinished process. SOF and XXK continue working together along this line and getting involved with many others along the way. The text Together and Rebellious: Exploring Territories of Feminist Economics results from this process. May 31st 2021, we held a collective conversation on the territories of Feminsit Economics. We shared our text and Cristina Carrasco, Natalia Quiroga y Verónica Diz presented Reexistiendo en Abya Yala. Desafíos de la economía feminista en tiempos de pandemia (published in Argentina by Madreselva and in Catalunya by Pol.len).