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Still adrift…

Impact, Mentoring

Despite the complex situation, we kept on organizing drifts in 2020-2021. We had to adjust the methodology to do it safely and to enjoy our shared walks.

We want to highlight two drifts that were particularly powerful.

We wondered about the social organization of care in Ermua, together with the Women’s Assembly of the village. We discussed who are providing care, where and in what conditions; what happened during the pandemics; how we want to take care of and be cared for; what is our feminist stake to make a collective right to care real… Our collective work and reflections were the basis of this document that was disseminated through all the village.

The second process is the one that we did together with World’s Women at Bilbao. We accompanied them to reflect on the precarity that migrant women experienced in their lives. The group identified diverse dimensions of precarity, affecting their bodies and relationships, their work and material living conditions. We walked the city to explore the proposals that are facing these situations. The collective was reinforced by this shared walk, which also helped us to deepen on the potential of the methodology